Cibo Wine Bar Has The Best Coral Gables Italian Restaurants

Cibo Wine Bar in Coral Gables

I was looking around for a nice place to take my wife for our anniversary. I wanted to take her to a nice restaurant and Italian restaurants never let me down when it comes to this. I started searching around for Coral Gables Italian restaurants to go to.

I asked a few of my co-workers about the best one to go to that is nice. I told them I wanted to take her there for our anniversary and heard about a few different restaurants that were really nice.

I decided to look them up online to see what I could find out. Since I like to use Yelp when looking for restaurants, that’s the first website I visited. I found a few Coral Gables Italian restaurants with great reviews. I looked to see if there were pictures of their food within the reviews and if there was a menu on Yelp. I found both of these things and one of them had a website. I went to the Cibo Wine Bar website which was really impressive to look at. It looked like a really nice place and after seeing pictures of their food and the pictures of the restaurant, I decided this is where I wanted to take my wife for our anniversary.

I called Cibo Wine Bar and made reservations for the next day which was the day of our anniversary. I told my wife not to make any other plans for dinner because we were going to go out to eat. She asked me where we were going to go and I told her it was a surprise. I did tell her it was an Italian restaurant I had found.

The next day when we got home from work, we got ready to go out to eat. She was so happy I chose the Cibo Wine Bar to go to. She said she had wanted to go here to eat and had heard several good things about it from people she worked with. She was really happy with my choice.

We ordered wine and our dinner and didn’t have to wait long to get either. My wife and I were both pleased with the food and the atmosphere of this restaurant. It was a really great place to celebrate our anniversary.

After eating here, we went to the movies to see one that had just came out. She had wanted to see this movie and talked about seeing it when she saw the previews for it. She had read the book and really wanted to watch the movie. I also wanted to see it, but hadn’t read the book.

Overall, our anniversary night was great and we enjoyed going to dinner and to the movies. We had a great time and always do when we are with each other. She said she wants to make plans to go back to the Cibo Wine Bar and try other food they have.